The word “leadership” is practically an overused cliché these days. Some people believe that America’s politicians are leaders (mostly NOT), and the definition of REAL leadership has grown fuzzy and illusive.

From my perspective as an extreme leader, leadership is inspired from the outside the leader, but its energy and capability lie inside the leader. Most of the engagement of leadership involves leading something, someone, or a group of people (tribe). So there must be an object or an organization to lead. Otherwise, the leader is merely going on a walk, alone.

Visualize a crusader, who is fixed on a mission. The mission involves something that the crusader is committed to changing, altering, or optimizing. The connotation of changing something in this context is outward; the crusader is committed to changing something(s) into what THEY want them / it to be.

But the crusader will not be successful if he or she is not driven to implement the change. The capability and commitment toward this implementation lie at the core of the character of the leader.

Are leaders born, or can they be trained?
A great deal of leadership involved personality, attitude, and confidence. Can someone change their personality? Somewhat, but they must remain congruent with who they really are at their core. Leaders do not “try” to lead, because they see others doing it. They are inspired to lead, and can lead in many ways, including openly, forcefully, enthusiastically, and passionately, but also quietly, confidently, assertively, and deliberately.

Leadership must be experienced. You can’t speak (or write) about leadership; it is something that must happen. Leadership is an activity, which must be undertaken. There is nothing static about leadership; a crusader is action-oriented, and always has an objective in mind.

My personal journey of crusader-level leadership development stems from a timeline that began in military high school, when I discovered my essence and capability of leadership. I was driven toward implementing my newly-instilled ideals of honor, courage, integrity, and commitment, and at the age of 16, initially became repulsed over how such a small segment of society shared those values. So my crusade began.

Through peer leadership in my social fraternity at university, to community leadership of professional organizations, as well as athletic achievement with teams, by the time I was 25, I needed a larger forum. So I joined the United States Marine Corps, accepting a commission as a logistics officer, and my journey of “extreme” leadership began.  Carrying this ethic forward into corporate America, and into entrepreneurship, I accepted some leadership challenges that jaded me against a system, which I became committed to changing.

My crusade is now advancing globally, as I accept the challenge to educate, motivate, and inspire leaders across the planet to stand up and implement their ideals, my cause / crusade driving me the whole way.

So when it comes to leadership, reflect on YOUR journey; your crusade. What do YOU stand against, and what are you committed to changing? Do you have what it takes? Whether or not you were “born” a leader, it’s time to reach deep down inside and discover your power, strengths, and capabilities as a leader by EXPERIENCING leadership.

BE A LEADER by STEPPING UP, and taking on a crusade, focusing on being the change that you want to see in the world. Exercise your leadership. Get a leadership mentor. Experience yourself – your TRUE self – and take on the challenge.

WE NEED YOU, CRUSADER! Now is the time!


If you have turned on the radio or the TV lately you have most likely had fear struck in your heart (and wallet) about the US economy.  One of the largest hurdles businesses face is being stuck in a singular market that is falling apart.  For your businesses to survive, let alone expand and profit, it’s time, to start thinking globally (if you haven’t already).

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Pushing Through the Perturbation

What do I do when I have done my best and the results are still not evident?  There is a powerful presupposition of NLP that states that there is no failure, only feedback.  We all have the ability to retain all of our learnings from our experiences as we enact and become more and more flexible in our behaviors. What is required is to become more creative and curious,  so we achieve our outcomes.

The greater your flexibility, the greater leader you become.   When you face this question in your own life and business endeavors, here’s a strategy that works:

Step 1 = Refuse to wallow in self doubt.  Frame the experience as feedback and say to yourself that there is something you have not seen, some knowledge you require, or some alliance you require to make.  Know the circumstances are showing you a blind spot that you have had. Your commitment to yourself must be to achieve your goals, and strive toward achievement of your vision. Refrain from wallowing in self doubt, frame the experience as feedback, and become curious.

Step 2 = Ask yourself: what resources do I have? What relationships can I contact for ideas or assistance?  What have I not done, that if I did it would make all the difference? Where have I not shown up 100% that has caused this circumstance?  Be courageous with yourself and lessen your pride.  Ask for clarity and ideas from the ones you trust and be willing to receive the feedback to help you break out of your tunnel vision into a new way of expanding your perspective.

Step 3 = Do the inner work.  Do an authentic evaluation of your core beliefs, secondary gains, values and emotions that may be hindering the realization of your goals.  Take responsibility.  It doesn’t happen to you, it happens from you.  You are your own reality generating machine and you are part of the equation of the reality you are manifesting.  Change your limiting beliefs.  Conduct a values audit and re-evaluation, and verify that your goals are aligned to your top five values.  Commit to learning the skills that make everything work, and commit to traveling your life journey fully equipped to manage your mind, and therefore the results in your life.

Step 4 = Model the excellence of others who have done what you desire to create in your own life, and explore how they have accomplished their results. It is important for you to understand the steps that have worked in the past so that success was achieved.  Adapt, become flexible, intertwine your ideas with the ideas of the masters and geniuses of our time, and follow their steps. Never giving up until you reach your outcome. At the same time, never dilute yourself and your power by trying to be somebody else. Instead, learn from their abilities and techniques, and employ those into your authentic self-delivery.

Step 5 = Base your outcomes anchored to a higher purpose.  You will have unstoppable power and endless energy to achieve your outcomes if they aligned to your highest values.  Leave a legacy and make a light footprint on our earth, while giving massively.

What I have learned so far on this journey is that when life does not happen as I expected it would, it is a fertile environment to kick into my highest level of flexibility and possibility.  There is rarely an outcome that you cannot achieve.  Never give up in the realization of the goal.  Find new ways, new paths to create the change you desire and take massive action.   Know as well, that there is something higher at work in all of our lives.  Ask ultimately that whatever your life expression creates, people are touched and advanced, and you have made the contribution you came here to make.

BUSINESS: Have We Lost Our Way?

    Here’s a powerful, relevant perspective on how we are conducting business across the planet.

    The essence of the content of this book involves the unscripted discussions and perspectives of these two revolutionaries, global leaders; the content develops as the discussion develops. The real value of the content of this book is that it is derived from the collective thought of these multi-faceted, globally-actualized, and broadly experienced experts.

     This work of love is associated with a great cause, focused on fostering trust across the globe.

Check it out, and enjoy the perspectives, as you strive to broaden your perspectives, and help us find our way in business.

Reflect for a moment… Focus on the metaphors which these two words bring to mind…

First, the gladiator. Many of us see Russell Crowe, and his recent depiction of the gladiator warrior on the big screen. Here’s a great video vignette of the REAL meaning behind the Gladiator role portrayal:


Strong, resilient, capable, idealistic, balanced. The gladiator of today’s society is one who stands tall amidst the storm, and does what it takes to achieve his / her ideals with commitment, discipline, diligence, and belief.

My life as a gladiator is more literal than metaphorical. As a Marine Corp officer, I’ve been trained to lead with courage, honor, strength, and skill, and I carry that ethic into every day of my life. Every day, I’m capably fighting a battle against the forces of mediority, low standards, and the “gravity” that’s trying to keep me down.

Now consider YOUR battle; what adversary are you battling? How are you showing up as a gladiator?

Next, let’s look at the champion. We imagine a winner, crossing the line first. Proudly wearing the gold medal after driving harder than any other, doing what it takes to achieve and excel, through diligence, commitment, practice, and belief.

My experience as a champion started in a real way when my rowing team won the NCAA collegiate national championship (the “Collegiate Olympics”). This achievement flipped  a switch in my spirit, as I tasted true victory and would forever bear the brand of CHAMPION on my heart.

As we combine the words GLADIATOR CHAMPION, we visualize the best of the best. The spirit of ultimate courage, strenghth, and victory.

My challenge to you is to take on your life as a GLADIATOR CHAMPION, and perservere through the tought times, overcoming the adversary (anything that’s holding you back, and stopping you from winning), and inspire others to achieve their ideals, by setting the example of what CAN be done.

Now reflect on yourself; how have YOU been a champion? We’ve ALL got something in our lives that we are a champion of… It’s YOUR imperative to know YOUR victories, and meet your inner champion, TODAY.

As we prepare for Tony Robbins’ next Business Mastery event in Las Vegas, Jan 21 – 25 ( BUSINESS MASTERY EVENT << click here), he always acknowledges the business leaders in the room as gladiators, fighting a good fight to achieve their ideals. I’d like to echo that sentiment, and am extending my appreciation for those GLADIATOR CHAMPIONS in our ranks.

The world is watching you. Keep up the great work, and inspire the masses!

Gladiator Champion

Programming the language of your brain… what if you could do it? What if you could predict your outcomes, eliminate your blockages, and pre-condition yourself for the success that YOU want?

Fantasy? … NO: REALITY!

At first, I didn’t believe it. Even after attending Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within event a couple years ago, immersing myself in the Dickens Process and Tony’s timeline therapy exercise (from which I got great results), I was still skeptical. But after attending a comprehensive NLP and Time Therapy certification course, I am now completely convinced on its viability, and am ready and qualified to help others experience freedom in their lives.

Release all (yes, ALL) of your pre-supposed, pre-programmed, pre-conditioned limitations, and truly live without anger, sadness, fear, guilt, or conflict. As a service-oriented business leader, it is especially important that you release anything that might be hindering your progress and leadership capabilities, and be aware of what you aren’t seeing.

The first time I heard of this, I thought it was hokum. Through my certification process and practice, I can now see clearly, and have truly released the negative anchors, which were holding me back from sailing freely.

Here are some key factors:

  • The process must be facilitated, real-time. It’s not something that you can read and walk yourself through, as it involves your complete presence, focus, and surrender. The facilitated process allows for your facilitator (the practitioner) to focus on your dynamic, and adjust the process so that it best fits your energy, attitude, and response from moment to moment.
  • The facilitator must be certified in the process, which mandates that they’ve been through the process themselves (creating congruence and empathy), and that they’ve been extensively briefed and trained on the processes and associated sub modalities. Make sure that it’s not just a friend who’s read about the process, or been through it themselves.
  • Skin in the game. You must invest something of yourself in order to make the process work. Otherwise, there’s an inherent, psychological, lack of commitment, and the results will not stick. This may sound like rhetoric, but it’s true, and it’s been proven many times over: the people who invest in themselves, and the ones who are SERIOUS about change, are the ones who enjoy the benefits and exponential return on the investment.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to thoroughly and permanently discover and release what is holding you back from your ideals, contact me at . Include “SEEKING FREEDOM” in the subject line.

You will be glad you did!


Comfort Zones: The concept has become cliché. As business coaches and idealists, we are conditioned to push past our own comfort zones, and inspire our clients to do the same. He’s a perspective:

As we expand ourselves, seeking to broaden our horizons, we are all aware of the boundaries that surround us; boundaries of business, government, culture, race, religion, intellect, etc. These boundaries represent areas which we each choose to stay within, for whatever reason. Oftentimes, these reasons include ignorance of the possibilities on the other side.

Challenge yourself to view these boundaries as “curtains,” which shield your view from the possibilities, of which you are yet aware. As these curtains remain down, we are oblivious to the potential that lies outside of our existing zones of comfort. Instead, visualize these curtains being raised, allowing a view of the areas outside of your current boundaries. Suddenly, your possibilities will be endless…

As Maslow pioneered, we all strive to avoid the paid of risk, and seek to maintain our states of comfort and pleasure, by ignoring what’s beyond our curtains; our boundaries; our possibilities. The challenge with which we are all faced is to keep the curtain up, and do our utmost to see past our boundaries and our limitations.

Remember that comfort makes cowards of us all. As long as we are comfortable, and have the perceived “luxury” of avoiding our boundaries, we will continue to put-off opportunities to truly grow and expand into our possibilities.

Strive to keep your curtains up. Fear is the big procrastinator. Confront your fear (false evidence appearing real), and push past it. Then encourage and inspire your clients to do the same.

Cause is influence; affect represents the results (this is where the victim state lies). So BE THE CAUSE. Ask yourself: “what is my agenda?” Then implement it.

“The only way to find the limits of the possible is by going beyond them to the impossible.” – Arthur C. Clarke